About Us

About Us

Our Story

Signellent Technologies India Private Limited was incorporated by Mr. Punit Kochar. With his extensive background in the field of Information Technology and system development, he has helped shape Signellent into a leading IT system integrator and turnkey solution provider in India, delivering robust systems, tailor-made to the client’s requirements.

Equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and exhaustive technical knowledge, we design highly customized and integrated solutions for your networking, Security and Connectivity requirements, to bring to you world-class solutions at competitive prices.

Though in its nascent stage, Signellent has found itself a niche client base, from corporates to hospitals, schools, factories, government organizations and much more. Our results reflect serious ideas with exceptional craftsmanship. We put our heads together to create all kinds of great things, but mostly gravitate towards IT solutions.

Signellent Technologies
Signellent Technologies
Why Us
  • We operate PAN India
  • Steered by young and experienced professionals from different walks of life we offer a plethora of skills
  • Choice of major organizations. Click here to know more.
  • As a growing company we have a hunger to do more
  • We are acclaimed distributers of best in class manufacturers and OEMs. Click here to know more.
Signellent Technologies
Quality Policy

Signellent Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. is committed to meeting our customer’s expectations by supplying products and services that are reliable, meet functional requirements and are delivered on time. To ensure we meet this commitment we use a quality management system that consists of effective and efficient business processes.

We are dedicated to the continuous improvement of this quality system through measurement, analysis and action.

We communicate our quality objectives and performance against these objectives throughout the company and to interested parties.

It is the responsibility of all our staff to work together to ensure we meet this commitment to quality.

Signellent Technologies
Vision & Mission

Vision: To find out innovative ways to address all client requirements in the technology domain.

Signellent’s responsibility is to continually access and eradicate the challenges an organisation might face. We do not guarantee to remove all your problems but we sure can guarantee elimination of all problems pertaining to technology.

Mission: Our mission is to be the world leading solution providers.

Signellent’s aims at developing and differentiating our product portfolio to create unmatched customer experience.

Our Team
Signellent Technologies

Signellent is full of smart, driven people who care a lot more about getting it done, and the relationships we build, than about proving how clever we are. Our people truly become a valuable extension of our clients' requirement and team. As a result, our people are a primary reason our clients would recommend us to others.

Our "one team" attitude breaks down silos and helps us engage equally effectively from the C-suite to the front line. Our collaborative working style emphasizes teamwork, trust, and tolerance for diverging opinions. People tell us we are down-to-earth, approachable and fun.

We have a passion for our clients' true results and a pragmatic drive for action that starts Monday morning 9 am and doesn't let up. We rally clients with our infectious energy, to make change stick. We support and are supported to develop our own personal results stories. We balance challenging and co-creating with our clients, building the internal capabilities required for them to create repeatable results.

It feels different to work with us.