UAP-AG-HP-5G23 Access Points:

Ubiquiti Networks AG-HP-5G23 airGrid M Wireless Broadband Antenna

Deploy outdoor wireless broadband service with the AG-HP-5G23 airGrid M Wireless Broadband Antenna from Ubiquiti Networks. This package includes five AG-HP-5G23 antennas. Boasting a range up to 18.6 miles and up to 100 Mb/s of data throughput, the 23 dBi antenna comes equipped with a Fast Ethernet port that supports PoE (Power over Ethernet). The antenna is powered by a 560 MHz Atheros MIPS 74Kc, 64MB of DDR2 RAM and 8MB of flash memory. Each antenna comes with a PoE adapter and a pole mounting kit.

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Product Features

  • InnerFeed Technology InnerFeed technology integrates the entire radio system into the feedhorn of the antenna
  • Integrated airMAX Technology Unlike standard Wi-Fi protocol, the Ubiquiti Networks airMAX Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) protocol allows each client to send and receive data using pre-designated time slots managed by an intelligent AP controller. This "time slot" method eliminates hidden node collisions and maximizes airtime efficiency. 
  • Performance Operates in the worldwide, license-free 5 GHz frequency range, and features performance of up to 100 Mb/s in real outdoor throughput and range of up to 18.6 miles 
  • Intelligent QoS Priority is given to voice/video, which helps to ensure seamless access.
  • Easy, No-Tool Assembly With its updated mechanical design, assembling and disassembling the airGrid M is literally a snap. No tools are required. You simply snap the feed, antenna, mounting bracket and rear housing together for a secure, solid assembly
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Client Testimonials

In Ubiquiti’s UniFi, we found the technological solution to all our problems with wireless connectivity
Santosh Manke
Rang Sharda hotel

IT Chief

Physical installation was very easy and Ubiquiti had products for all of our different mounting scenarios
Ashish Panchal

Network Admin

The UniFi Controller is very simple and easy to use. I can go in and block unauthorized users, or assign guest accounts so visitors can get on Wi-Fi
Susheel Soneji
Indus Container