Captive Portal/Hotspot Gateway

Captive Portal/Hotspot Gateway

Signellent’s Captive Portal is an all-in-one network access controller that can be deployed as hotspot gateway for managing public WiFi hotspots or as a BYOD appliance for offices and enterprises. It provides all the features required for access control, which includes AAA, captive portal, user provisioning, social media, MAC binding, bandwidth control, legal compliance, policy management, usage monitoring, credit card billing, content filtering, reporting and much more.

It can be deployed in hotels, shopping malls, conference centers, schools/colleges, retail shops and other public venues for managing Wi-Fi hotspots. Similarly, it can be deployed as a BYOD appliance in offices and enterprises for controlling and monitoring access of private devices like mobile phones, tablets in workplace.

Our gateway can accommodate 50 to a 1000+ users catering to different needs of the market.


  • All-in-one network access controller
  • User Management
  • Bandwidth Control and Shaping
  • In-built RADIUS and portal server
  • Content Filtering
  • Policy management
  • URL Logging
  • Social Media (Facebook) Integration
  • PayPal/Credit card integration
  • Detecting Torrent, P2P and Email spamming
  • Advanced QoS functions for VoIP and video traffic
  • Branded captive portals
  • BYOD management
  • Billing plans
  • Historical and real-time reporting
  • Network monitoring