Educational Institutes & Schools

Educational Institutes & Schools

Solutions offered:

  • Wireless (Wi-Fi) Solution
  • CCTV Surveillance
  • Public Address System
  • GPS Tracking of all school buses and vehicles
  • End to end networking and Firewall Solution
  • Smart Premises

According to a survey, nearly 60% of the students surveyed said they wouldn't attend a college that didn't offer free Wi-Fi. And, 79% said that without Wi-Fi access, college would be a lot harder. In this day and age, when our dependence on technology has increased plenty fold, why restrict technology in the field of education.

Education can be made better by employing new and innovative ways to teach. Today parents as well as students prefer a more technologically advanced institute. It is the need of the hour to educate the young since an early age to adopt the use of technology and innovation.

Benefits of our solutions:

  • Easier collaboration among students
  • Greater flow of knowledge in a shorter span of time across verticals
  • Personalized instruction to each student can be given
  • Cost saving for the institutes
  • Interactive learning leads to higher levels of concentration among students
  • EBooks on various subjects reduce the expense of books
  • Self directed learning teaches students to be self dependent, which inculcates a sense of ownership and responsibility
  • A technologically advanced institute as a USP over competitive institutes
  • Various buildings can be connected to share data
  • CCTV makes the students safer and reduces the risk for institutes
  • Announcements can be made from either a centralized location or remotely from anywhere, after securely logging into the network
  • GPS can be used to track School buses and other College/ School owned cars to keep tabs on driver movements and student safety
  • End to end Networking and backbone infrastructure services
  • A smart premises can be installed for your institute which enables full use of seamless technology wirelessly.
  • We maintain your network hassle free