The access control can prevent people with elevated temperature or no mask from entering a secure area.

This door access reader is one of temperature Screening Solutions that provides a way of screening people as they enter a secure area. Access control with temperature screening provides fast and accurate body temperature measurement. The biometric reader can also detect if a protective mask is being worn. You can select the additional protection to check If the person is wearing a mask. If the person is not wearing a mask, it denies entry.It not only authenticates the people in your organization it also controls visitors and guests to your facility.

Fever detector Solutions such as Thermal Scanner & Heat camera are able to detect the body temperature from the distance only. With the detection of fever symptoms, the walk through detection system is perfect for all establishments where safety and security is important & even Thermal camera solution is important for colleges, banks, prisons, shopping malls, hospitals etc.which will help to detect body temperature among the crowd.

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  • Face authentication range up to 8 feet unnecessary physical contact
  • Stores & matches up to 50,000 face template.
  • It can provide face verification when a mask is present
  • Thermographic technology, temperature range: 30-45°C , accuracy: ±0.5°C
  • Temperature screening with visional results and audio prompt

We  Provide the best Temperature Screening With Access control solutions


1) AI face locating, avoiding interference by objects with high temperature, thus increasing the precision of Temperature screening.
2) Contact-free: Personnel identification, Temperature screening, and mask detection
3) Voice reminder of not-wearing masks, and no-mask entrance is prohibited.
4) Exportable access records with temperature statistics .
5) Handling real-time Temperature alarms and tracing back records
6) Centralized management for multiple screening sites

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