Infrared forehead thermometer gun for body temperature - therm01 is a forehead type infrared thermometer that measures the temperature of human body according to the principle of receiving infrared. Infrared Thermometer is a device to check fever & will allow you to measure a wide range of temperatures. ,Infrared temperature gun( the fever checking instrument) helps to measure, align the detection window to measure the body temperature quickly and accurately. Non contact thermal temperature gun a fever measuring device can stand up to tough industrial, electrical, and mechanical environments.


  • High precision temperature measurement
  • Unit Conversion °C or °F optional
  • Rapid Measurement.
  • Infrared Probe
  • Beep Temperature alarm function

Intuitive, efficient and convenient, making users directly see the temperature variation.Avoiding judgment errors, reducing labor costs, and discovering poor heat dissipation and hidden trouble points Thermal condition of different locations for comprehensive analysis, providing more information for judgment.

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1 ) Temperature measured in one second.

2) Infrared sensor, no contact type

3) Automatic data storage and calibration

4)  High definition display in strong light

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