An internship in lay man's terms is when an employer offers students who have theoretical knowledge of the processes involved in an industry to work for them and gain experience. It can push you ahead in your carrier, as when you do an internship you gain hands on experience. This experience is valued by other employers when they look for people to hire.

An internship also helps you decide your preferred industry. For example, after college you might be interested in working for an FMCG company but after you do a 2 - 3 month internship you might realize that it is not for you.

Also, an internship student gets to do the same work that an employee of the organization might do (will also have the same work hours). This helps students gain confidence in their field of operation.

Signellent provides paid internship to all students, which means YOU WILL GET PAID TO LEARN!! Moreover, get a chance to land a permanent job, as we offer one to exceptional interns (not guaranteed but depends on your performance and the decision of the management).

To know more about the salaries offered and the course, please get in touch with us asap.

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