The space-efficient PTX10002 is designed to scale for exponential traffic growth in cloud and service provider networks. It addresses power and 100GbE interconnect challenges, and is ideal for space-constrained peering and colocation facilities and central office locations in emerging markets where space and power are at a premium. With the PTX10002, you can build a core architecture that optimizes IPv6, label-switching router (LSR), Internet peering, and distributed metro deployments.

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Powerful Performance and Scalability
Exceptional Packet Processing
Compact Form Factor

Product Features

  • Tbps Capacity Up to 6
  • 100GbE: Up to 60
  • Architecture : Scale-out core
  • Port density: Ultra-high
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Client Testimonials

With Juniper, we have a zero-downtime network and a flexible, resilient campus network infrastructure that allows us to scale upward as we grow, and downward into even the smallest computer rooms of future acquisitions
Nagaraju Budoor
Pulse Secure

IT Head

The result is better than expected as we are already doing more with the Juniper Networks Routers Portfolio than we originally planned.
Nipani Infra & Industries PVT LTD

Purchase Engineer

Junos OS is the key to addressing our network requirements. It enables our IT team to filter traffic and control rates at the core of our network with greater ease and flexibility
Don ly
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SR IT Enginner