MIKROTIK CCR1009-7G-1C-1S+ :

The new updated revision of CCR1009 is here. We attempted to combine all the customer feedback and best practice in CCR device manufacturing that we learned over the last three years, since the first CCR1009 devices were launched. 100Mbps SFP support - this is our first device that supports 100BASE-LX/100BASE-SX/100BASE-BX fiber modules, as well as standard 1.25G SFP modules. More throughput - because the ports are now directly connected to the CPU, the new CCR1009 can achieve even higher throughput.

This unit is equipped with passive cooling enclosure, two heat-pipes and a specially designed heat-sink, so its completely silent. It’s powered by an external 24V 2.5A AC/DC adapter and supports power redundancy if you also power it from the PoE input port. Unit also includes a LCD touchscreen, smart card slot, microSD and a SFP+ port for 10G connections.

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CPU core count-9
CPU nominal frequency-1 GHz

Product Features

  • Dimension-272x190x47mm
  • License level-6
  • Operating System-RouterOS
  • Size of RAM-2 GB
  • Storage size-128 MB
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Client Testimonials

The wireless network should operate like the electric power system—you just turn it on and it works. That has been our experience with Mikrotik
Rajesh Singh
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Broadband MIkrotik products and services enable us to achieve our mission of advancing technology across the organisation
Space Net

Branch Manager

We were looking for new ways to monetize our network by expanding the existing portfolio of innovative services that we offer to customers
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