Signellent Technologies

PTP 700

Cambium Networks Point to Point 700 Backhaul

PTP 700: National defense, border security, industrial communications and critical infrastructure operators have experienced massive growth in bandwidth demands for reliable and secure broadband connectivity and backhaul. Whether deploying in first-responder tactical situations, over water to oil platforms, in urban canyons to video cameras and hot-spots or along remote stretches of national borders for defense and situational awareness, the requirements for high-speed connectivity intersect with constraints on available spectrum, line of sight and non-line of sight topologies, IT/Enterprise integration, cyber-security threat prevention and harsh environmental conditions. The dynamic nature and complexity of these missions means that spectrum managers, network operators and implementation managers need flexibility and adaptability while staying within the constraints of program budgets. The long-term total cost of ownership and sustainability of any solution comes under increasing scrutiny. With the PTP 700, Cambium Networks breaks new ground in mission flexibility and overall project sustainability. 
Model Number: 03 Data Sheet