The Public Address System or PA system is an important component for all buildings, schools and offices. Its main purpose is for public announcements, background music and the most important is for an emergency evacuation system.

Solutions offered:

  • Wireless (Wi-Fi) Solution
  • CCTV Surveillance
  • Public Address System
  • Datacenter Solutions
  • SD Wan Solutions
  • Routing and Switching

Signellent Technologies is the supplier and system integrator for Public Address System, providing PA system solutions to government institutes such as building, educational institutions, churches and commercial buildings like shopping malls.

We represent reputable PA brands like Ahuja, Toa System and Bosch Public Address System. These are reliable manufacturers that produce a complete range of PA equipment consisting of a mixer, amplifier, conference system and ceiling speakers. IP based pa system or a conventional system, we will be able to offer our service to your PA needs.

We provide installation at a competitive price to meet different requirements for industry applications. Signellent deals into bosch pa system, ahuja conference system, ip based pa system for Government Institutes in Telangana, Gujarat, Bangalore, Goa, Noida, Rohtak, Gurgaon. Contact us for best portable public address system for conference hall, government institutes all over India

Client Testimonials

A very Sturdy Greatly Built with good sound production and sound quality. This Ahuja XPA -1500 Is one hell of a companion for all sort of needs from a stage monitor to PA address for gathering of 100-200 people.
Sahil Gupta

IT Head

Excellent IP Base PA System eradicated all our issues related to PA system, now we can address to all our station from centralised location
Ankit Desai

Signaling Engineer

Ahuja's IP based PA system has helped us to cut down our cost for cabling and maintainice, truly a champion of a product.
Amulya Chandra Biswal

Dy. General Manager