Solutions offered:

  • Wireless (Wi-Fi) Solution
  • CCTV Surveillance
  • Public Address System
  • End to end networking and Firewall Solution
  • Smart Premises

With the advent of bigger and better living spaces, the need for their surveillance and infrastructure has also increased. Everyone wants to live with ease. This is the major reason why more and more societies are deploying better and advances internet, Surveillance and tracking solutions.

Signellent’s forte lies in making lives better with better and hassle free technologies.

Benefits of our solutions:

  • Slow Wi-Fi is as bad as no Wi-Fi, thus we pride ourselves in being the best solution provider.
  • Add users quickly and grow your network cost-effectively
  • Roam without losing your connection so that you function effectively
  • Various buildings can be connected to share data
  • CCTV makes the area safer and reduces the risk for the society
  • Announcements can be made from either a centralized location or remotely from anywhere, after securely logging into the network
  • End to end Networking and backbone infrastructure services
  • A smart premises can be installed for your premises which enables full use of seamless technology wirelessly.
  • We maintain your network hassle free