The face recognition terminal is a kind of access control device integrated with fever screening solution͘ It can fast taking skin-surface temperature and upload abnormal temperature event to the center, which can be widely applied in multiple scenarios, such as enterprises, stations dwellings, factories, schools, campus and so on.

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Solution Introduction

Temperature screening:Simultaneous Thermal Scanner does temperature screening for multiple persons (indoor), contact-free

Mask Detection:Detecting whether people wear masks, and timely giving alarms on people without mask

Identity Verification & Stranger Alarm:Confirming identity, even with mask, and giving alarms on strangers


  • Fast video search of target people, such as people with abnormal temperatures,             

  • Total number of people with abnormal temperature, no mask, normal temperature
  • Temperature Status and Facial Recognition Results

We Provide The Best Temperature Screening & Mask Detection Solution

AI Human Body Detection
Bullet/Turret Fever Screening Thermographic Cameras, device to check fever feature AI human body detection to fix the measurement areas to human bodies, thus reducing false alarms caused by other heat sources.

Embedded Audio Alarms
With a built-in audio module  Bullet/Turret Fever Screening Thermographic Cameras can trigger alarms to notify operators immediately when a person without a mask passes by that means mask detections. .

One-Stop Solution
As a leading security solution provider, Signellent offers a rich product portfolio including thermographic cameras, NVR, switches, etc., which is easier for clients to set up a complete and professional solution.

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Application Scenarios