Theaters and Sports Arenas

Theaters and Sports Arenas

Solutions offered:

  • Wireless (Wi-Fi) Solution
  • CCTV Surveillance
  • Public Address System
  • GPS Tracking of vehicles
  • End to end networking and Firewall Solution
  • Smart Premises

Public places like Theaters and sports arenas attract a variety of patrons, thus it becomes very important to have a falter proof network and surveillance system. Signellent offers seamless wireless network solutions to handle all technological requirements of our clients.

We provide turnkey solutions to deploy best in class network solutions.

Benefits of our solutions:

  • Supports the demanding access and security requirements of the different Wi-Fi networks used in venues, such as Point of Sale, Ticketing, Business Management Systems, Guest and Contractors, Special Events, and Internet and walled garden access for fans
  • Optimizes the capacity for all client devices
  • Meets the stringent aesthetic requirements of stadiums
  • Overcomes the radio frequency (RF) interference often introduced by wireless devices brought in for special events
  • Provides system-wide features for securely managing hundreds of access points and thousands of users
  • Seamlessly delivers live video to the Wi-Fi devices of thousands of users at the venue.
  • Various buildings can be connected to share data
  • CCTV makes the area safer and reduces the risk for the society
  • Announcements can be made from either a centralized location or remotely from anywhere, after securely logging into the network
  • End to end Networking and backbone infrastructure services
  • A smart premises can be installed for your premises which enables full use of seamless technology wirelessly.
  • We maintain your network hassle free

Benefits for service providers: Because the 3rd Generation/4th Generation (3G/4G) network is no longer burdened with bandwidth-hungry data applications, voice calls and texting work again, eliminating the customer complaints often heard by service providers regarding the use of cell phones in this type of demanding environment.

Benefits for sponsors: Previously, because of bandwidth challenges, it has often been difficult to deliver effective advertisements on smartphones at the venue. However, with Signellent’s Wi-Fi solution, sponsors and advertisers can extend their reach beyond the big screen and the displays in the concourses. No longer will smartphones freeze after only half of the advertisement image is downloaded.

Benefits for fans: Fans now have reliable access to an increased array of data applications that work well over a high-capacity wireless network. In addition, due to the data offload, voice and text services are improved.

Benefits for the team and league: With the improved coverage and capacity, clubs and leagues have expanded options for creating more engaging mobile applications to enhance the fan experience. Clubs and leagues can provide access to exclusive, in-venue, experience-enhancing applications for way-finding, food and beverage purchase, and more.