UBIQUITI RD-5G31-AC Access Points:

Ubiquiti Networks airMAXac Sector 2x2 MIMO BaseStation 5 GHz 21 dBi Antenna AM‑5AC21‑60

When used in conjunction with the Rocket 5ac radios from Ubiquiti Networks, the airMAXac Sector 2x2 MIMO BaseStation 5 GHz 21 dBi Antenna also from Ubiquiti Networks is designed to provide network enhancements with regards to scalability, noise isolation, and beam performance. This versatile antenna can also be used with RocketM5 models as well.
This airMAXac antenna is designed for use in point-to-multipoint environments where other antennas and networking equipment may be present. As a result Ubiquiti Networks has built-in enhanced noise isolation technology and a deflector design to deflect nearby signals and help reduce interference producing a cleaner, stronger signal. In addition to noise isolation this antenna implements signal-to-noise ratio technology to transmit more bits per second resulting in improved data transfer rates.

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Product Features

  • Breakthrough Design and Performance
  • Powerful Beam Directivity
  • Reduced Interference, Higher Gain
  • Industrial-Strength Construction
  • Plug and Play Integration
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Client Testimonials

In Ubiquiti's UniFi, we found the technological solution to all our problems with wireless connectivity
Santosh Manke
Rang Sharda hotel

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Physical installation was very easy and Ubiquiti had products for all of our different mounting scenarios
Ashish Panchal

Network Amin

The UniFi Controller is very simple and easy to use. I can go in and block unauthorized users, or assign guest accounts so visitors can get on Wi-Fi
Susheel Soneji
Indus Container