The Walk Through Fever & Metal Detector with Facial Recording provides detection of above normal body temperatures by comparing people’s skin temperatures against a normal body temperature. Thermal Solution for mall entry point is mainly capable to discover and track people with higher body temperature among the crowded public area.Above normal body temperature may be associated with fevers such as Covid-19 Coronavirus, Ebola, Common Influenza, Norovirus SARS and other flu variants such as Avian Flu, Bird and Swine flu etc. Fever detector Solutions & thermal scanner is able to detect the body temperature from the distance only.

By combining the detection of threats such as knives and guns with the detection of fever symptoms, the walk through detection system is perfect for all establishments where safety and security is important & even Thermal camera solution is important for schools, banks, prisons, shopping malls, hospitals etc.which will help to detect body temperature among the crowd.

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  • Avoiding infected people entering
  • Suitable for various scenarios
  • Touch-free fast accessing
  • Reducing human resources cost

1) Touch-free, fast fever screening:
2) High adaptability
3) High security
4)Centralized management.

We provide the best fever screening and metal dectector Solution


Statistics :People counting, metal alarms counting, people with abnormal temperature.

Audio alarm: Onboard audio alarm for abnormal temperature or metal

Multi-zone alarm :18 independent detection zones

High reliability & good quality:Modular design of door body.

High accuracy:Temperature accuracy: : ±0.5 °C.

LCD Display :Real-time display of statistics and body temperature.

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