Signellent ensures a reliable and secure hospital WiFi network that helps you improve patient care and allows you to offer an engaging user experience. Get in touch with us to discuss your hospital’s or clinic’s WiFi needs. The Hospitals and other healthcare facilities across the world are adopting wireless networking at a rapid pace, for good reason as wifi has changed the healthcare industry. Reliable WiFi Solutions for Hospitals, Clinics, pharmacies required nowadays to access the reports online with ease and manage patients information anytime, anywhere.

Solutions offered:

  • Enterprise Access Points
  • Patient Portal
  • Reporting
  • Bandwidth & Policy Mgmt
  • URL Filtering
  • User Mangement


Technology plays an important role within hospitals and clinics, with them utilising more and more digital devices and technical equipment. Hospital WiFi provides many benefits to both patients and staff including:
1) Improved patient morale by being able to utilise smart devices whilst in hospital
2) Patients can keep connected with outside world.
3) Online access to medical records.
4) Improved communication between staff.
5) Staff can access information whilst on the move, improving efficiency.
6) Improved appointment booking and tracking, minimising delays and missed appointment

Signellent is among the most efficient Hospital wifi solutions provider in India. Our professional team of engineers are skilled in wireless network deployment in Wifi healthcare sector including wifi solutions for hospitals, doctor’s offices, dentist’s offices, pharmacies, rehab centers, outpatient facilities.With so many visitors and staff on your premises every day, there is a need of a WiFi network that’s fast, stable and provides secure connection. We work throughout the healthcare industry, from private clinics to government hospitals and deliver WiFi networks that meet the demands of different users. Signellent provides Wifi Solutions for Healthcare, Hospitals, Clinics all over India. Signellent provides Healthcare Wifi Solution for patients and also ensure secure hospital WiFi Network in Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Nashik, Kochi, Ludhiana.

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