Wi-Fi Solutions

Wi-Fi Solutions

The world is moving fast towards more advanced options in technology. People are more open to discovering new and intuitive ways to solve daily problems. We at Signellent strive to bring this experience to people. Our advanced Wireless (Wi-Fi) solution caters to an array of industries and helps them solve their problems and remove bottlenecks. We bring quality and cost efficiency to the table.

Most businesses, depending on their industry of operation, experience a 40 to 75% increase in productivity when they shift from conventional mediums to wireless devices.

Service Areas:

  • Hospitality
  • Corporates
  • Airports
  • Hospitals
  • Government establishments
  • Educational institutes
  • Societies
  • Theatres/Cinemas
  • Sports Arenas etc

Signellent offers End to End connectivity solutions, irrespective of the industry type. From a Home Wi-Fi connection with minimal users to high end complex networks catering to confidential information, we do it all.

Our networks are guaranteed to be stable, consistent and reliable. Your safety is our priority. Signellent prides itself on being a stable pillar for businesses to grow around.